• January 5, 2018

MLK Weekend System Downtime

MLK Weekend System Downtime

1024 511 Child Support Services

As you know, the Child Support Enforcement System (CSE) is the largest and most complex state system. CSE and all ancillary functions are supported by 33 servers. The base operating system on which all 33 of these servers operate is outdated and can no longer receive updates or patches. The operating needs to be upgraded. This is a monumental effort.

The Department worked closely with the California Department of Technology, the Office of Technology Services (OTECH), and the State Disbursement Unit regarding the time and resources required and how best to accomplish this upgrade while minimizing the impact to service delivery at all levels in the child support program across the state.

As a result of those discussions, it was determined that utilizing the upcoming holiday weekend was the best option to ensure comprehensive and complete upgrading of all servers uniformly. We believe we have mitigated the down time to county offices as best we can given the enormity of the task.

CSE, VIOLA, ECSS IVR, the Internal Guideline Calculator, the Public Guideline Calculator and Customer Connect will be unavailable beginning 3:00pm Friday January 12, 2018. This will allow CSE to process the nightly collection file on Friday for distribution and disbursement.

We expect that all upgrades will complete by late on Monday January 15, 2018. We believe that validation can complete by early on Tuesday the 16th but may require a delayed start if any rollback is required.

Therefore we ask that you take the necessary steps to:
1. Complete all business on Friday 1/12/18 by 2:59 p.m. and,
2. Be aware that if a rollback becomes necessary there could be a potential delay to system availability on Tuesday morning 1/16/18. We will keep you advised should that be necessary.

We appreciate your understanding and support of this effort. Should you have any questions, please contact the DCSS Statewide Applications Service Desk at SASD@dcss.ca.gov or DCSSStatewideApplicationsServiceDesk@dcss.ca.gov or call 1-800-385-2614.