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Welcome to the Child Support Services Department!

Photo of kids laying in a circleWe are responsible for establishing and enforcing support orders when a child receives public assistance or when a parent or legal caretaker requests our services. We act in the “public interest” and do not represent any individual. Our services include:  opening a case; finding parents; establishing a legal parent-child relationship; establishing child and medical support orders; and enforcing support orders. We provide these services at no or little cost to you.

All issues regarding a child support case can often be resolved without you having to go to court. This is one reason it is important that you stay in contact with our office once a case has been opened.

Our mission is to enrich our community by providing child support services in an efficient, effective and professional manner, one family at a time.

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Open a Case

...take the first step to collect child support.

Make a Payment

...online, by credit card or by check. It's convenient and safe.

Reduce My Debt

...you may be able to pay off your debt for less than you owe.  

Modify My Order

...to increase or decrease your child support order.

Child Support Process

...learn about our services.

Enforcement Tools

...how we collect child support.

Calculate My Order

...estimate how much your order may be.

Access My Account

...get information and ask questions about your case.


...frequently asked questions and answers.

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