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License Suspension



The State License Suspension and Revocation Program, also known as the State Licensing Match System (SLMS), is used to collect payments towards support orders. When a noncustodial parent (NCP) does not pay support as ordered, the California Department of Child Support Services is required to report the NCP to California licensing boards. The State of California will deny permanent state-issued driver, business and professional licenses (for example: cosmetologist, contractor, doctor, teacher, attorney) to NCPs who owe arrears and apply for a license or a renewal.

When there is a license match, the licensing boards immediately send the NCP a Notice of Intent to Suspend License. The licensing boards issue a temporary license valid for 150 days (if all other licensing requirements are met). The NCP has those 150 days to Contact Us to make arrangements to pay the arrears. If no arrangements are made, the NCP’s application for issuance or renewal is denied.

Arrangements to pay the arrears can be made at any of our public contact offices. If the NCP is unable to reach an agreement with us, he or she can request a court hearing. The Office of the Family Law Facilitator can assist with that request.



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