Going to Court
The Court Hearing

Once in the courtroom at the Central Civil West (CCW) Courthouse, a child support Commissioner will hear the case. The Commissioner is appointed by the Superior Court to act as a temporary judge to hear child support cases. The Child Support Services Department (CSSD) attorney presents the case to the judicial officer. The CSSD attorney will tell the Commissioner what the issues are and provide any relevant information that was discovered during the Meet and Confer. Please note that the CSSD attorney does not represent either party.

The Commissioner may ask questions of both parties, usually related to income and visitation. Parties are required to follow all court rules for presenting evidence to the court. Court rules are available at Los Angeles Superior Court-Court Rules.

If the Commissioner determines that enough information has been provided, he or she will generally make an order in court (recorded by the court reporter) and the CSSD attorney will prepare a written order for the Commissioner to sign.

If the Commissioner believes more information is needed, he or she will schedule a continuance. See Continuances for more information.

If one of the parties does not attend the hearing, a decision could be made without that person. If the party who filed the motion does not appear and has not called to request a continuance, the case can be removed from the court’s calendar.