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Child Support Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos:
Quick Tips:

Instructional Videos:
Quick Tips:

Instructional Videos

Detailed explanations of the Child Support process and how your case is affected. 

Click on each to learn more: 

1. I’ve received a Summons and Complaint, what do I do now?

2. How does the court determine a child support amount?

3. How to Open a Child Support Case? (English)

4. How to Open a Child Support Case? (Spanish)

5. What is a Family Meeting?

6. What does Child Support do if I don't know where the other parent lives?

7. What exactly does "establishing paternity" mean?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​8. Can I keep track of my case online?


Quick-Tip Videos

60-second answers to the most frequent questions about Child Support  – one question at a time. 

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1. I'm paying my child support, why can't I get help with visitation rights? 

2. What does California Child Support Services offer?

3. How can I sign up for Direct Deposit?

4. What should I do when I receive a Summons and Complaint?

5. What should I do if the parent paying support moves away?

6. What are my options for receiving child support payments?

7. There has been a job change, what do I do?

8. How is a child support amount calculated?

9. My driver's license has been suspended due to unpaid child support. How can I get a release?

10. If I don't get a payment on time or at all, who do I call?

11. How can I avoid going to court for child support?

12. Why do some people have to pay $35 every year for child support services?

13. Do I have to provide health insurance for my child in a support order?

14. Can I receive electronic notifications?

15. What happens when the parent ordered to pay support has money to pay child support but won't?

16. What are my payment options?

17. My passport has a hold on it. How can I get a release?

18. My employer withholds support from my paycheck. Do I need to do anything?

19. I received a child support payment, but it wasn’t the full amount. Why?

20. If the parent ordered to pay goes to jail will the party receiving support still receive pay?

21. How can I see my case information?

22. How can I get balance and deposit alerts for my Electronic Payment Card?

23. I am the parent paying support. But my child lives with me now. Can the child support order be changed?

24. How do I make a payment on the website?

25. If I have a private case and need to setup payments, what should I do?

26. How do I sign up for Customer Connect?

27. I have a child support case and my wages are being withheld, will this stop automatically on my child's 18th birthday?

28. If I go to jail, do I still have to pay child support?

29. If I owe past-due child support, who do I contact to remove a property lien?

30. I am not getting my questions answered when I try to ask about my case. What can I do?

31. What can and can't Child Support Services do?

32. If I have a private case and need help, can I use Child Support Services?

33. What is the SDU and why do payments have to go through it?

34. What does "private child support case" mean?

35. Who can I talk to about my bank levy?

36. What is Customer Connect and can I get a history of all the payments on my case?