Less than the Amount Collected

There are a number of reasons why a Person Receiving Support (PRS) might receive less than the full amount collected from the Person Paying Support (PPS).

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A Disregard Payment

If you are currently receiving cash aid for a child, you gave your right to receive child support from the other parent to the government in return for the aid. However, you will receive the first $100 payment collected for one child or $200 for two or more children.  This is called a "disregard payment." The rest of the money collected for that child goes to repay the government for the aid provided.

A disregard payment will be made from all types of collections except when we intercept a federal tax refund.

Federal Tax Refunds

Generally, if a family is not currently aided, payments collected are paid to the family before the government. Federal law includes one exception. If we intercept a PPS's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax refund for arrears (past-due support), the IRS tax refund must be used to pay off arrears owed to the government before arrears owed to the PRS.

PPS Has Multiple Cases

A PRS might not receive the full amount of a child support payment if the PPS has more than one support case. In most situations, the law requires that payments received be split between the cases.

Annual Service Fee

Beginning October 1, 2015, California will charge an annual service fee if your child has never received cash aid from the government and you have received child support payments totaling $500 or more in the previous federal fiscal year (October 1 – September 30). This fee is based on federal law and state policy. The fee will automatically be deducted from the next payment(s) sent to you until the $35 is paid. Notification letters will be sent the first week of October to custodial parties with qualifying cases who are being charged the annual service fee.

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