Going to Court
Telephonic Hearings

The court may grant either or both parents permission to appear by telephone. The most common reasons are the parent lives far away; the parent has a disability; or appearing at court would be an undue hardship on the parent.  Due to Covid-19, the court is encouraging parties to appear by telephone and is granting all requests for telephonic appearance.

If you would like to appear by phone, you must ask the court's permission using the Request for Remote Appearance form along with the Cover Sheet. The request for telephone appearance should be filed with the court at least 12 court days before the hearing. The request may be filed directly with the court or email to CSSD. You can file the form in person, by mail, or by faxing your request to (442) 247-3946.

You may send your request to CSSD by emailing your telephonic appearance request to the office that manages your case:

Email addresses: