A lien is filed against the real property interest of any person who owes a child support obligation enforced by a local child support agency. A real property lien prevents an obligor from selling, transferring, or refinancing real property owned in the county where the lien is recorded until the lien is satisfied.

Real property includes land, structures, firmly attached and integrated equipment, anything growing on the land, and all “interests” in the property. Interest in the property may include the right to future ownership, to occupy the property for a period of time, and to drill for oil, etc.

If you wish to request a demand or release of lien,  please fill out the Request for Release of Lien/Demand form and submit the form by email to CSSD-EscrowTitleRequest@cssd.lacounty.gov

(You may also fax the request to (909) 859-2003. Please note that the print-to-fax option will not work for this fax number.)

Once payment has posted to the obligor’s account at the State Disbursement Unit and a release is appropriate, a Release of Judgment Lien will be provided to the escrow or title company or to the obligor for recording.

We will not record the release directly with the County Recorder’s office.

To create a real property lien, the local child support agency (LCSA) records a Notice of Support Judgment with the county recorder. The Notice of Support Judgment has the same force and effect as an Abstract of Support Judgment certified by the court clerk. The lien on real property created as a result of a support judgment or order is effective until all support obligations under that judgment or order are paid in full or otherwise satisfied.

The LCSA may record a lien in as many counties and jurisdictions as necessary. The lien may be recorded in:

  • The county where the obligor lives
  • The county or counties where the obligor’s parents live
  • Any county where the obligor is known to have acquired real property
  • Any county where the obligor could reasonably be expected to acquire real property

In order to obtain a Release of Judgment Lien, the escrow or title company must send us a written request for a demand for payment. We will determine how much is needed to release the lien. Once the amount demanded is paid in full, a lien release will be provided to the title company or the obligor to be recorded. A Release of Judgment Lien does not affect the amount of support owed by the obligor either when it is recorded or in the future. Furthermore, the release does not prevent the LCSA from subsequently recording another real property lien in the same county where the lien was previously released.

Payments can be made at our offices, by mail, or online by credit card. See Making a Payment for more information. The lien will be released only after payment is posted to the obligor’s account by the State Disbursement Unit. The release will be provided by mail unless other arrangements are made. The release must then be recorded with the county recorder by the title company or the obligor. We will not record the release.

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