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Going to Court

Generally, if you are notified to come to court for a hearing, you or your attorney must appear on that date. If you cannot attend or need to reschedule, you may request that the court continue (postpone) the hearing to another date. The court may grant the request if it decides that there is “good cause” for the continuance. The CSSD cannot continue a case or promise that the court will agree to continue a case.

You can contact our Customer Contact Center at (866) 901-3212 or the Superior Court General Information line at (213) 351-7500 to ask that a CSSD attorney request a continuance on your behalf or you can call the court clerk in the courtroom where your case is assigned. You can find the courtroom department on your court paperwork.

DepartmentTelephone Number
2E(213) 351-8715
2F(213) 351-8875
2G(213) 351-8864
2H(213) 351-8161