Child Support

Compliance Program

About the Program

The Child Support Compliance Program (CSCP) was enacted by the Board of Supervisors to ensure that those who benefit financially from the County are in compliance with their obligations to support their children and families. CSCP will assist the Child Support Services Department (CSSD) in locating County employees, bidders, contractors and business licensees who are delinquent in child and family support obligations.

CSCP requires that bidders for County contracts and County contractors certify that they are in compliance with all wage and earnings assignment orders and notices of assignment served on them. Principle owner and contractor information forms are no longer required and are obsolete as of May 6, 2004. Instead, new language has been added to all County solicitations for bids, proposals and contracts that requires bidders/proposers and contractors to self-certify that they are, and will remain, in compliance with federal and state employment and wage reporting requirements and all lawfully-served wage withholding notices and orders. Failure to comply may result in termination of the County contract and/or initiation of debarment proceedings. Also, information on those contractors who have failed to comply, or who have been debarred will be maintained on CSSD's website.

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