Close a Case

A case opened or being enforced by the Child Support Services Department (CSSD) can be closed for many reasons. When a case is closed it means that CSSD will no longer provide services for that case. The fact that a case is closed has no impact on the underlying orders for support. If a Person Paying Support (PPS) still has an order for support, he or she must continue to pay that support to the Person Receiving Support (PRS).  If arrears (past- due support) are owed those arrears must be paid to the PRS.

A PRS who is not receiving aid ("welfare") can close his or her case at any time. If there are arrears owed to the State, CSSD will leave the case open and continue to enforce those arrears, but will stop enforcing current support and arrears owed to the PRS. A PRS who is receiving aid cannot close the case because all the support he or she is entitled to while on aid is assigned to the State. A PRS may be able to reopen the case.

To request that a case be closed (or reopened), please contact our office.

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