of the Court Process


You have an upcoming court date at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse located at 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles California 90012.  *Please note this is a new court location.


You will receive a separate notice scheduling an appointment for you to meet with a representative from our office by telephone. You must attend this appointment.



Here are some things you should know about your court date:

  • Please check in with the bailiff for your designated Department.
  • Please let the bailiff know if you are worried about your safety while at the courthouse or if there are any restraining orders in effect that may apply on your court date.
  • Spanish interpreters will be available. If you need an interpreter for a language other than Spanish, please call 213-351-7500 as far ahead of the court date as possible.
  • If you need an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please call 213-351-7500 as soon as possible before your court date.
  • You may have to be at the courthouse the entire day due to the courts’ heavy calendars.
  • Please do not bring children. Your case may not be resolved if children are present.
  • If you do not appear at the hearing in person or remotely, the court may make decisions about your case without you.

You can request to appear remotely:

We strongly encourage you to consider completing and submitting a Notice of Remote Hearing form rather than coming to court in person. There is no filing fee.

Please send the Notice via facsimile to (442) 247-3946 or via mail to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, 111 N. Hill Street, Room 425B, Los Angeles CA 90012.  NOTE: Faxed documents require the Facsimile Cover Sheet MC-005 and a fee payable by credit card only.

In order to participate remotely in your hearing, you are required to file the Notice of Remote Hearing form and register with LACourtConnect. Please visit lacourt.org and select the “LACourtConnect” button. Follow the instructions for creating a Court ID, so you can login on your court date. If you have technical issues with LACourtConnect, call (213) 830-0400.

If you need help completing the forms or have other questions, visit our website cssd.lacounty.gov or call us at (866) 901-3212 for office locations.

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