Going to Court
What to Bring with You

If you received a letter from CSSD telling you to come to court, be sure to bring that letter with you.

In most cases, the court and CSSD will need to know the income and certain expenses of both parents to calculate a fair and legally correct amount of child support. Please bring all documents that you provided to CSSD for your meet and confer appointment.  If you did not send in the documents, bring them with you on your court date:

  • 1.  Completed Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150) -       https://www.courts.ca.gov/documents/fl150
  • 2.  Three most recent paystubs
  • 3.  Most recent copy of your tax returns
  • 4.  Child care verification, including receipts (if applicable); and
  • 5.  Custodial/Visitation Schedule (if available)

Any other documents or information the court or CSSD told you to bring.

Be sure to complete an Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150) and bring it with you to court. The courts usually require this declaration before your case can be heard, so you can avoid long delays and repeated court dates by filling out the declaration completely in advance. 
Why these Documents are Needed

The law requires all California courts to order child support in the amount provided in the statewide uniform guidelines. This amount is calculated by entering financial and other information in a computer application called a guideline calculator. Most of that information is found in the documents that you bring to court. For more information on calculating child support, see Calculating Child Support.

I&E Project from CSSD on Vimeo.

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