Going to Court
The Court Hearing

Cases at the Mosk Courthouse are heard by Child Support Commissioners. The Superior Court appoints the Commissioners as temporary judges to hear child support cases.

When a case is called for hearing, a CSSD attorney introduces the case to the Commissioner and presents the guideline calculations and other information discussed during the telephonic  "Meet and Confer" prior to the court date. If you have evidence that you would like the court to see, but that you did not provide to the CSSD attorney prior the court date, your case may have to be continued.  Remember, the CSSD attorney does not represent either parent in the child support case.

The Commissioner will ask the parties questions about the issues in the case and may ask for more information from the CSSD attorney. If the case is about the amount of child support to be ordered, the Commissioner will usually go over the guideline calculations in detail. The Commissioner will then make an order in court and instruct the CSSD attorney to prepare a written order for the court to sign.

The Commissioner may also decide to postpone (continue) the case to another day, for example, to have the parties bring in financial papers. Please see  Continuances for more information.

If one of the parties does not attend the hearing, the court may decide the case and make an order anyway.   If the party who filed the motion does not appear on the court date, the court will usually (but not always) take the case "off calendar".

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